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Khwaja Sabir Pak R.A

Hazrat Makhdum Sabir Pak Kaliyar Sharif india, Dargah Sabir Pak Kaliyar Sharif, india

Hazrat Makhdum Sabir Pak datum name is Hazrat Makhdum Alla-ud-Din Ali Ahmed Sabir (Rehmatullah Aliah). He is the founder of Silsila Chishtia Sabria. His mausoleum is at the south banks of River Ganga six kilometer from the province of Anchal Pardesh. His father’s name is Abdur Raheem Abdus Salam (R.A) and grandfather was Shah Saif-ud-Din Abdul Wahab (Rehamtullah Aliah); who was the son of Ghaus-ul-Saqlain Honourable Syed Abdul Qadir Jillani Mehboob-e-Subhani Karim-ul-Tarfain Hasni-o-Hussaini (Rehamatullah Aliah). So this makes Hazrat Sabir Pak (Rehmatullah Aliah) the descendent of Hazrat Imam Hassan and Hazrat Imam Hussain (Aliah’as Salamain). Many prophecies were told to the family before his (R.A.) birth. His mother’s family tree connects her to Hazrat Umer Farooq (Raziullah-o-Tahala Anho).

His mother was the sister of Hazrat Baba Fareed-ud-Din Ganj Shakar (Rehmatullah Aliah) of Pak Pattan Sharif. Hazrat Sabir Pak (Rehmatullah Aliah) was born on 19 Rabi-ul-Awal 592 Hijri in the city of Herat, Afghanistan. While he was growing up many of his celestial qualities were revealed. His father died when he was a small child so faced poverty. Then his mother took him to her brother Hazrat Baba Fareed-ud-Din of Pak Pattan. There he took pledge at the hands of Baba Ji and was responsible for distributing food (alms). His mother went back to Herat and left him under Baba Ji’s supervision.

Hazrat Sabir Pak used to distribute food to all the followers and attendants but never partook a morsel of food and this went on for twelve years. When his mother visited him after twelve years; found him weak and thin, complaint it to her brother. At Baba Ji’s inquiry he replied with respect that he was told to serve the food only and not to eat it too. Baba Fareed embraced him and gave him the title of Sabir. During his stay, He completed his physical and spiritual education. During this time period many un-phenomenal incidents took place.

At last Hazrat Baba Ji bestowed Ali Ahmed Sabir Kalyari with Khilafat and sent him to the Raja of Kalyar. Raja and his aide met them.

When they became rude to Sabir Pak. There used to be a fig tree at the very place, where now his tomb stands. He had stayed at this place, because of his anger and wrath for nine years a fire burnt all around him, nothing was alive till twelve miles. Hazrat Sabir Sarkar stood by holding a branch of the tree and his only food was his prayers. Honourable Hafiz Shams-ud-Din Turk Pani Patti (R.A) was sent by Baba Fareed-ud-Din with special instruction who succeeded in convincing Sabir Sarkar to sit and fire was extinguished. After a long period Hafiz Shams-ud-Din completed his spiritual education from Sabir Sarkar. Then Sabir Pak sent Hafiz Shams to join the army of Muhammad Ghauri and captured the fort of Aameer.

When Hafiz Shams returned Hazrat Sabir Sarkar had already given instructions for his burial, and was done in the way it was instructed even the mystics of this world and after attending the burial ceremony at that time a horse rider came, who was covered from head to toe, who also explained the matter of life and death. His body was kept between two big stones as instructed by Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jillani. Honourable Aleemullah Abdal and Hafiz Shams-ud-Din settled in Pani Pat after a long journey. Silsila Sabria started flourishing but still no one was able to go in to the burnet place of twelve miles, got burnt and died. Only Aleemullah Abdal was able to go to Sabir Sarkar.

Approximately after three hundred (300) years Hazrat Qutab-e-Alam Shah Abdul Qudoos Gangohi begged and requested a visit to Kalyar Pak; which was granted. He and his companion khalifas were very fortunate, who once again bathed and cloaked him again to place his body at the present place of burial between the stones and then later on a tomb was constructed. For long still no one was able to go to visit the tomb. The wrath of this mystic calmed down and love started pouring out. Then people started visiting and thus Sabri Silsila Treeqat started spreading in the whole world. Nowadays people come from all over the world to attend the festivities of Sabir Pak’s birthday, which starts from First Rabi-ul-Awal and ends at the end of the month.